Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Memorial Day Festivities

As we venture out or host family and friends this Holiday,
Please take a few moments to remember and honor those who have given their lives for this Free Country..
And maybe say a prayer for those who continue to serve and also for those who  make the choice to serve in the future.  

Here is a Chocolate Cake I made to take along to a Party/Picnic later today.
First, a Baby Shower for a very special young couple having their first Son:)

 The Flowers were given to me yesterday from my BFF,
Beautiful Roses from her Rose Garden...
After shopping in the early afternoon  yesterday I stopped by Kath's and left with these Sensational Roses!

The cake is so easy..!

*One Devil's Food Cake Mix or your own recipe
*3 Eggs
*1 Cup Cold Water

Mix well with mixer and bake at 350 for approximately 20 mins or top is springy to touch..

I use a Crisco Icing for this cake...

*2 Sticks of Soft Butter
*2/3 Cup of Milk  (I used Heavy Cream)
*One Cup of Sugar
*1/2 Cup of Crisco Veg Lard
*3 Heaping Tbsp of Flour

Mix butter, sugar and crisco...add the milk and mix....mix more.....turn mixer up on high speed and mix more...then mix more.  This Icing will be very light and fluffy...

I cut cake in half and icing middle then reapply top of cake and finish icing top.  Place in refrigerator until ready to serve....My Mother would bake this cake for special gatherings and parties.  It was a favorite and always a big hit with many requesting when they were invited to an event she was hosting..

Enjoy your time with family and friends...


  1. Hi K, the flowers are beautiful and today and everyday I and my family think how lucky we are to live in the great USA, and for the men and women that are protecting us. May the Lord watch over all of them. I am PROUD to be an American!!!!!!

    I love, love your cake and thanks for posting the recipe. I am going to try this one!!!!

    Happy Holiday my sweet friend,
    Tricia XO

    1. Hi Tricia, It really does sadden me how so many have the attitude of entitlement in this country. Not acknowledging how "lucky" and blessed we are to live in a Free Country. You and your family have a fantastic day together! Love ya...K

  2. Love the roses. The cake looks delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

    1. Hi Holly! The roses really are so beautiful! Let me know how you like the cake recipe! Have a fun day with your beautiful family! K


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