Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kindle Fire:...What? I want one too!

My favorite Munchkins from Texas called tonight excited as all heck,
they are my two youngest nephew's who have their birthday's in April 
and just happen to be brothers. I sent their birthday package to them last
week knowing it would arrive sometime early this week.  As I predicted,
they received the package last evening.  I knew the phone would be ringing
soon with lots to share about the birthday parties and gifts. 

Seth, the oldest at 10 years old was first to share his excitement,
mostly of the Kindle Fire he received.  I heard all the in's and out's of what a Kindle Fire
can do and  the one thing it cannot do according to Seth is take pictures, but he was totally OK with that.
 A Kindle Fire...?!
Are you kidding me??
 I want a Kindle Fire..! 
Especially after Seth's explanation of  what a Kindle can do..
I was then asked if I know what an XBox is..
 Saying "yes"...I then got all the in's and out's of some control they received which was still in the box and Seth was (his words) Begging his daddy to open it so the games could begin.
Seth was trying so hard to explain this new control contraption that I would understand how it all works,
he at one point suggested I "ask Jeremy,...he can explain it all to you"...That's OK Seth, I'll let this between you guys:)

Then the Littlest Guy, Keegan who had his 5th birthday said a few words and Thank You's for his gifts.

I love hearing the excitement in their voices as they share the birthday activities and gifts consuming them at the moment....priceless!

So here we are the last week of April and we're now having March Weather...
I sure hope this is not an indication of what the Summer will be like with unseasonable Weather.
I have way too much planned for the Weather to be uncooperative..

Thanks for stopping by my Friends...!

I'm off to do some research on a Kindle Fire..:))


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