Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Happy Birthday It Was..!

Today we celebrated my Son's 24th Birthday along with our Loved Aunt Margie's...
Aunt Marge watched my son when I returned to work Part Time when he was only 4 months old,
she has always been more than an "Aunt" to Jere and her birthday was actually my 
due date when I was pregnant,

Jere was born Four days after her birthday and as long as I can remember, we have always 
celebrated a dinner in honor of them both...!
Aunt Marge was diagnosed with Cancer  just before Christmas,
She had surgery with some complications but has rebound remarkably.
Her Chemotherapy treatments are going very well with her blood work 
all within normal levels.  The past couple of months had been very hard on 
Jere knowing and seeing "his" Aunt Margie going through so much and feeling so ill.
But with many Prayers and Faith, 
Aunt Margie is feeling better than she has in a very long time...

I was prepared to make a Chiffon Cake with Fresh Strawberries and Cream
for the birthday couple...
 But Aunt Margie's Best Friend had dropped off this Beautiful Huge Cake on her Birthday to 
which she wanted to share with Jere at their annual Birthday Dinner.
Thinking we would just add "Jere's" name to the cake knowing
he would not mind the Yellow and Pink Roses.
But Jere being Jere wouldn't hear of it.
When he realized what was going to be done when the tube of Writing Icing was brought out,
he said to keep the Cake just the way it was and to not add his name. 

We had a wonderful day celebrating with much laughter and good food....!!
And the Cake....Heavenly!
The Chiffon Cake will be made in the very near future,
and I promised Jere I would bake him cupcakes to treat at his work tomorrow.
So the alarm is set for 6am...Yikes!
 Have a Fantastic Week and thanks for stopping by..!


  1. K, Say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your son for us.
    Yesterday was my BIRTHDAY TOO.
    GREAT day to be born.
    Happy Monday,
    Tricia XO

    1. Happy Birthday, Tricia!! So many birthdays in April:) Hope your day was as special as you are..!! I shared your "Happy Bday" to Jere...his thanks was given. Enjoy this awesome weather, my friend. Hugs and Lovs, K

  2. Oh the cake is beautiful , bright and cheerful glad your aunt is doing ok , that C word is such a nasty thing , may they celerbrate many many more Birthdays together!!


  3. Hey Heidi....We had a very nice day celebrating "life" and reminiscing the years past. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day! Hugs, K


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