Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring In My Step

Lovin' this beautiful weather here in PA..! 

Spring has not disappointed,
the days are getting longer and the sun is getting higher and warmer!

Today was a day of many errands that needed to be taken care of..!
I have several Birthdays in April I routinely gift,
this year has been an over aboundance of birthday party invites..
From friends celebrating their grandbabies 1st birthday and the BIG 50
to family turning a special number this year,
the invites have been pouring in..!
 I always love me a good matter what the age.
I was able to find gifts for Four different birthday Guys and Dolls
who will have their Special Day in April.
The only gift(s) I haven't purchased are for my son...

He is a very independent young man:) 
not needing or wanting anything..!

As I ventured out this morning,
a call came in from a dear blogger friend, Tricia.
 Her voice was sounding tired, but you could still detect a bit of excitement from her
as she shared with me her baking experience from the day before.

Tricia had phoned me yesterday for a long over due chat,
during our conversation she shared her desire to bake for her husband and family,
but not always feeling the best physically at the times when they crave her goodies.
I shared with Tricia how I bake  goodies and freeze them so there is always 
something to grab in a pinch...
I do massive baking and freezing several times a year, 
Especially during the summer months when our pool is open and we have friends and family
stopping by on a whim...
Tricia did the same last evening when she had a small burst of energy!
Good Job, Tricia:)

After returning home in the early Evening,
a phone message was left from our Dear Aunt Margie..
She too, is going through a medical issue and not feeling the best at times.
Her message was the "happy" and "silly" Aunt Margie we all love,
it was so good to hear her voice with that little "spring" in it..!
Aunt Margie also has a Birthday in April,
She has already received her gift, 
A Purple Lilac Bush.
She is replacing old shrubs and requested Lilac's for replacment.
Her request was a very easy one:)

As I was leaving one of the stores I stopped at this afternoon,
I thought I heard my name being called as I walked towards my car.
I turned to see my Cousin exiting the store calling after me:)
Audrey has always been more like a sister to me,
even though through the years we haven't been able to see each other
as much as we both would like,
that closeness has always remained and it was so great chatting with her 
for about 30 mins in the parking lot..hahaha

What a great day to start with and end with,
Three Very Lovely Ladies sharing their "happy" times and awesome love for life with me..!

Love You Ladies..!  
Thanks for stopping by and enjoy life...!


  1. Don't the "little things" just make you smile? So glad you had a great day!

    1. Yes Holly, those "little things" sure do make your smile bigger! Have a very Happy Easter..!


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