Thursday, March 3, 2011

Road Trip

Doesn't this picture look so inviting...!!?

I can't even begin to tell you how much
I can not wait for spring and summer time..!

Last summer went by way too quickly,
getting my business started kept me 
and those around me very busy..!

So My beach time was cut short,
and I was not able to jaunt away for my
customary beach time....
 I am hoping to make a spring trip to 
my favorite crab shack and get in some 
sun and beach time...!

I just love the smell of the ocean and beach...!
And those huge Chocolate Strawberries you can only
find on the boardwalk...
o...and the boardwalk fries, too:)

So glad we are heading into Spring/Summer..!
See you on the Beach..


  1. Morning K,
    Your view on Spring and Summer is something I yearn for are so lucky to have such a short drive to meet the Ocean!


  2. Hey Karen....I do feel very lucky to have a short trip to the beach..! I hope to someday be much closer and somewhere warmer:))


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