Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Beautiful Shayna, Super Hero Seth and Little Man Keegan...

Rarely do I get to chat with my 
Niece and Nephews  in TX,
all on the same day during the very same phone call....

With all three being very active
and usually going in different directions,
my brother, their father and I chat mostly
while he is waiting for one to finish whatever
practice for whichever sport they are currently
involved in....

Today I called Mike to share some
very unusual and comical event happenings during the
past several days...
What I mean as "Comical",
you either chose to laugh or cry....
I try to find the Comical side of the situation..!
Any Hoo....I hit the jack pot
today when all three kids were home
for Spring Break..!

I was able to chat a bit with 
Beautiful Shayna, Super Hero Seth 
and Little Man Keegan!

Shayna being the oldest and only girl,
there is alot of "girl" power around the house...
Seth is next in line with his
never ending imagination and memory,
nothing gets past this guy....Nothing!
And then bring up the rear is Little Man, Keegan..
He is the spunkiest and most determined Little guy,
who is so excited to be playing T Ball this spring..!
During my chat with Keegan,
Aunt Kathy was reminded Little Man's Birthday is
April 13th:)  and he likes McDonald's Cheeseburgers...!
That's Easy!

Here are a few pics Aunt Kathy likes,

I have more of Shayna than the boys,
only because as a young lady ,
we all know they like
to have and take their picture...a lot!

And because she is just so darn...Beautiful!!
I just have to show her off..!

Beautiful Shayna


  1. Such cute kids and Shayna is beautiful. I know you have to miss seeing them more often. I have one granddaughter and am blessed they only live a few miles away. I get to see her almost daily. Glad you had a chance to have a long distance visit with all three of them.

  2. Thanks and Yes, Angela....I do miss seeing them more often, thank goodness for the internet! Your so lucky and truly blessed having a granddaughter so near. I welcome that day:) Have a great weekend...!

  3. Cute kids and don't they all seem to grow up so much faster when we don't get to see them as much!


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