Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's all about Wednesday Night...

Modern Family is in my opinion one of the 
funniest and most entertaining family shows on TV...!


Favorite Couple

 I think any couple that has hit that over 10 year plus mark,
can totally relate to this couple...
I know I certainly can:)

Love this open kitchen and decor

I am a "Pink" gal, not liking this so much though..  

The picture above is baby Lily's room
and I must admit it is my least favorite room on the set...
The pink color, decor and layout of the 
room is very busy for a baby's room..

For a more complete detailed tour,
Click on Modern Family ...

You can find Modern Family on Wednesday Evenings on ABC,
Check your local listings for air times...

Have A Fantastic First Week Of Spring...!! 


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