Monday, February 1, 2010

Stepping Back....

Finally........The Prim Stockings I 
purchased this past December at
were strung and hung over the fireplace.

I used a hook attachment which screwed into
the mantel.
This attachment allows for easy removal of
rope with the stockings attached
for when we use the fireplace...

 When I saw these stockings hanging in Patti's
old open fireplace at her shop,
I immediately had to have some for myself...

Every time I look at the stockings clothes-pinned 
to the rope, I have to chuckle...

My Mother would go nuts if she saw how they
were clipped, with the open end draped over
the rope for drying allowing a crease....
Mother was very particular on how you clipped 
laundry on the line for drying...
NEVER overlap the clothing,
as it will leave a crease...!!

Sorry Mother...


  1. They look great! Now I, too, will "chuckle" and think of your mom when I look at mine in my Shop! Thanks for making me smile!
    p.s. Howie is hanging in there..he is eating a bit more tonight.. we are still waiting for test results.

  2. Really looking good
    Jimmy Simpson
    Wedding Cake Writer


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