Monday, February 8, 2010

What's The Fascination Of It All....

I have always had a fascination with Mardi Gras.
Perhaps that's because of all the excitement and
celebration that happens during that time....
to know me, I am one to enjoy great music, food and
the company of fun and good people......

And Mardi Gras to me has all of the above....!!

I have been to Louisiana many times,
however, I have not ever had the privilege
of visiting New Orleans.

The city strikes a curiosity in me that
no other place ever has...
That may be due to all it has to offer.
The history of an old southern town,
the people, the food, the loudness,
the quaintness along with
the stillness of the weeping willows....

I hope to visit this intriguing city someday...
As for now, I will make my own little
Mardi Gras here in PA...

Mid week I am having dinner guests for
one of my own and favorite fresh fish recipe
for dinner....

In honor of the "Saints" winning the
Super Bowl and Mardi Gras....
I plan to make the Mardi Gras Cake
to serve with my dinner....

I found this easy and very simple recipe
to serve along with the main meal.....

Mardi Gras King Cake Recipe :
Click on Title for recipe

I'm hoping to find a baby "king" to insert
into the dough, having some fun along with
the celebration.....

Again, Congratulations to the Saints
for an outstanding game played in the
Super Bowl...!!


  1. Hi K...I have been to New Orleans and it'w wonderful....
    We went a few years back during JAZZ FEST when our son was married on one of the paddle wheel boats...great time had.
    Hope yo get someday.

  2. Karen....your son's wedding sounds like so much fun and a Jazz Fest..!! WOW.. I'm sure it was a great time had..! New Orleans is on my to do list..or is that now the "bucket list"..??


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