Thursday, February 18, 2010

Who's A Cream Puff...?

I found this recipe for Cream Puffs
over at

The recipe was so simple and easy
to follow....

This plate was filled with no room
to spare....
As you can see,
only two left!

I did send a small plate home with
our dinner guest
and saved one or two
for later:))

The two things I did differently..
I baked the pastry the day before
I was serving them for dessert.
Placed them whole in an air tight
container and refrigerated.

I chose to bake the "traditional"
shape of a cream puff, using a
spoon and spatula to place each
one on a cookie sheet...
However, you can pipe them
onto the cookie sheet as well,
creating your own design.

I also made the first part of the
cream filling the day before.
Placed the clear wrap on top,
let it cool to room temperature
and refrigerated. The following
day I whipped up the second
part and with a mixer on low speed
added the first part to the whipped
cream mixture...after this was very
smooth in texture, I then hand mixed
the filling for an all over smooth finish.

Preparing the pastry the day before
I found the pastry to be very soft and remained
fresh, they were so easy to work with
and turned out beautiful as you can see...

And...they were a huge hit for our
dessert after dinner.!!

I will be making this recipe many
more times in the future..!



  1. Oh My, those look yummy !!!!
    Hugs, Angie

  2. Oh wow, who wouldn't love a cream puff!
    I haven't made them in ages but when I 'worked' outside the home I would get up early and make a few batches to take to work as a special treat...i filled mine with whipped cream...YUMMY!
    I'm having a SOUP SUPPER next Saturday here for all our kids and these would be a huge hit!


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