Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Mother's Touch

My African Violet center piece on my kitchen table. There are two different plants in this container, as you can see the one is just starting to bud again. The plants were quite small when I brought them home and transplanted them. Wondering if I was going to have the same luck my Mother always had with Violets. I purchased them about 2 years ago when I was greatly feeling the loss of my Mother. African Violets were her favorite. She had several different varieties on display in her kitchen, where she had a small window above her sink with wood shelves on both sides of the window. It was the perfect lighting for the plants to thrive and gave a beautiful ambiance to the little carved out window shelf in her ever so humble kitchen...Since their existence in my humble kitchen, they have been the topic of many conversations. Friends wanting to give me their Violets to nurture. I have declined to accept more, only because when I chose to bring these into my home it was due to great longing for those days past with my Mother. And I truly believe she is the reason they are thriving and blooming continuously, her gentle hand touching them.

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  1. gorgeous flowers and sentiment. I have 3 and they look awful! Come visit and s=throw some love their way.


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