Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's OK......

This morning I was listing to an interview on Good Morning America. Robin Roberts was interviewing Christian Applegate. You may remember her as the dizzy blond on, "Married With Children". (Loved that show). She currently is starring in, "Samantha Who?" The interview was on her recent decision to have a double mastectomy after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer. This has been a controversial issue recently among woman who have been diagnosed with Breast CA. Being in the Medical Field, whatever decision you make concerning your body IMO is your own personal decision. With that said, what I found to be most interesting in her words this early morning as the sun was creeping up from the East, casting a nice bright glare over my pool, her words spoken were, "It's OK to cry!"..... It was so refreshing to hear those words and how many times I have voiced those same words to friends and family members over the coarse of the past few years. I have even had to remind myself of the very same thing. I guess the reason for this to be so sensitive to me at this time in my life, may be due to the personal trials and tribulations l personally have experienced as I continue to grow in this world of Adulthood.....As a child your told, "don't cry" and "Stop your crying"...But you know what...It is OK to cry!! It took me a long time to figure this one out. When those tears start, let them flow. Wash your weary mind and drained body and soul of the sadness or disappointment your feeling. Because, It's OK...to cry!!


  1. I agree with you about it being okay to cry. Sometimes that is all that eases the pain (emotionally and physically).

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