Saturday, August 23, 2008

Early Morning Bliss.....

This is a Early Morning Picture today of the rising sunshine as it shines on my Morning Glories and Birdhouse. The Birdhouse was constructed by my son when he was 4 Years Old. My Dear and Sweet Uncle knew my son loved to build with "real" wood at an early age. He pre-cut the wood pieces and labeled them accordingly. My son with the help from his father, put the house together. It has become more of a "bee hive" than a Birdhouse...... But the sentimental feelings I have with this old and worn home, I will treasure it Forever!

I tried to capture the early morning Dew on the Morning Glories..

This is a small Piece of one of my Three Holly Bushes...This small cluster is a reminder that Fall is approaching and the Holidays are close behind.

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  1. Morning is my favorite part of the day. It's fresh and new! I also chuckle at a friends saying that she loves morning because it's another day that she can start all over again. Love the photos!


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