Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Slowly coming to an end...

As I'm sitting here doing work on the computer on this late Summer August day, I am reminded summer is slowing coming to an end. The Locus are buzzing non-stop as the cool and refreshing breeze coming in through my French Doors, is a gentle reminder Fall is just around the corner, as it takes hold of the Wind Chime creating the soothing sound I have come to expect and love....
I always become a bit sad this time year, to know the summer we have waited so patiently for has once again come and gone way too quickly. As I sit and reflect back on all the activities I was blessed to participate in and enjoy during the summer months, my mind is wondering into the cooler days of Fall and then the dreaded Winter.
I am looking forward to my Fall Schedule, heading South for a visit with my brother and his family, hopefully the trip will extend my Summer Mode.....

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  1. I can feel fall coming. This morning I had to wear a jacket to work. It was chilly! And its August!!
    I will be sad too to see summer come to an end...but...I am excited to start my fall decorating. I'm so fickle! LOL


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