Thursday, September 11, 2008

FAMILY....A Beautiful Word To Be Treasured

I recently spent some time in Texas with my oldest brother's family. I am pictured to the right with my Niece Shayna and Nephews Keegan(little guy) and Seth. Notice who is smiling and who is not. Keegan was not happy to be sitting still and Seth, well as you can see, he's not camera shy. The time spent with my family in Texas always proves to be way too short. As the kiddos grow older, it is so hard to leave and live such a distance from them. Family has always been important and as the years pass, I find time is too short and distance is too long.....

My niece playing in her Soccer Tournament in Dallas, TX.

Keegan helping with the laundry chores. This was just too precious to not take a picture of. He is such a busy little guy with a great disposition...

To the Left, Seth is practicing his Soccer moves and Keegan had the honors of eating the Peanut Butter Icing from the beaters from Aunt K's chocolate cake. I have such great childhood memories and I only hope when my nieces and nephews remember theirs, it's with a smile and a laugh or two when they think of their Aunt K.....


  1. Great pics! Strange thing...this only showed up today in my inbox...I see that you posted it last Thursday...Blogger must be slow!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. The fire that I have posted was taken at the former Alcoa Plant along Route 419 I believe, In South Lebanon Township, just outside of Cornwall Borough


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