Sunday, September 21, 2008

Life Long Friends....Truly

Friends....what does that word mean to you? The word "friends" to me is, my best friend Kathy. Who I can always count on having a good laugh with, to the point where you have to stop and breathe, who knows what I am thinking before I do, will answer before I ask the question. Has been there for me when I needed her to be and when I didn't....It also means to me, the lovely ladies in the Photo.

I have know some of these gals since my early Elementary years. Some from only High School, but none the less, a long time. I would consider them, "Life Long Friends"....that has such a wonderful ring to it. Yesterday we had one of our gatherings in our hometown park in Lititz, PA. It was a beautiful early Fall Day. We could not have asked for a more serene day, as the temperatures were a bit cool but soon gave way to a warmer afternoon. Some of the ladies pictured I have not seen in over 20 years, but have recently reconnected via the internet. One would never have known we had not seen one another in such a very long time. Our conversations soared very quickly as if no time between had passed and it was just yesterday we had been students at Warwick High. I think we all would agree we came away, like we always do with an appreciative feeling of....Life Long Friends.

As I was saying my Good-byes for the day, my cell phone rang.. it was my " best" friend Kathy. What a beautiful day spent with...."Friends"!!

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