Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wine Tasting At The Finger Lakes, NY

I recently had a weekend getaway to the Finger Lakes in NY. I must say, the Lakes are truly spectacular...and the Wine tasting was a very new experience for me. I learned some very interesting and useful information about wine. I thought you just chilled the bottle, popped the cork and enjoyed...I was very much enlightened and educated with this adventurous weekend. Unfortunately, I had to pace myself and visit only the Wineries on the top of my list, due to the fact, I wanted to purchase a bottle of every single wine I tasted. The First stop was to Dr. Konstantin Frank's Winery and Homestead. This link will take you to his website...

The home shown is Dr. Frank's homestead. His 82 year old daughter occupies the family home during the summer months. When I took this picture she was still in residence. The winery is now third generation and growing with every passing year. The day we visited, 3,000 visitors were expected for that single day....

The view from the winery was breath taking.....


  1. looks and sounds like a wonderful getaway! Glad you enjoyed.

  2. Looks like you had a good time. How is the wine??????


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