Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Eve Surprise

Happy New Year...!!

Last evening as we were headed to family with friends in tow, 
a package was hanging outside the mailbox...

My husband quickly pulled over and retrieved the package while two other vehicles waited patiently while hubs RAN to the mailbox...:)
 Hubs opened the back door of the car quickly placing the package inside.
I had forgotten about the package, but was reminded after we returned home many hours later when hubs brought it into the house.  I was so tired, but wanted to see (first) who it was from and (second) after finding out who had sent the package wanting to know what the goodies were inside...!

My very dear friend, Tricia from Mass sent me yet another package filled with some pretty special stuff..!

A card stating, "I'm so glad...we are friends"
 Me too, Tricia..!  I'm so blessed to have such a dear sweet friend as you..!

Willow Tree Keepsake Heart
 Tricia knows I like the Willow Tree Figures and Hearts,
Bless her heart!, she gave me a Willow Tree Keepsake Heart...She will be placed on my self in my bedroom where I have an area of knickknacks and framed verses from several dear friends.  It's sorta like my own little shrine of special gifts given to me over many years from very special girl friends who have been and will always be very dear and special to me....
Small heart hanger with heart towels.
 This hanger will also be hung on my wall shrine....
I'm soon out of space on the one wall, I'll have to turn the corner soon ;)
Heart compact with some bling, note pad of sunshine and a cookie magnet

Friendship Magnet
I LOVE this magnet..!
The words are very special to me on this magnet from Tricia, her friendship to me is exactly what is stated and it makes my heart sing knowing our friendship means the same to her..!
This magnet went on the side of my refrigerator, where I can see it while I cook and bake. 

Thank You, Tricia!

I received a call from Tricia with a BIG "Happy New Year" this morning, I was so excited to tell her I had received her package..of course we chatted a long while as we both were waiting for the Rose Bowl Parade to start.

Love you, Tricia and thanks for your friendship!

Below shows my goodies from Tricia at their new home...

The hanger with the heart towels found its home above the quilt my Aunt and Uncle gave to me when I graduated from Nursing School.  I did use the quilt for several years after I received it, after I started earning some "real" money I packed it away until I found a quilt rack to display it on.  This display is in the Master Bedroom.  Tricia's gift of heart towels added to this wall display nicely..!

  Tricia's blog is Hillcrest Home Prims, go check out her beautiful New England Home!


  1. Hey K,
    I am so happy that you loved all your goodies.
    The Angle with the gold heart is because that is what you have a HEART of GOLD!

    1. Thanks, T....your so sweet! Life is much more fun with friends like you to share it with..! Hugs..K

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