Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Comfort Food On A Cold Winter Night...

There is nothing more soothing on a cold night in January than some PA Dutch comfort food...!

On tonight's menu...

Chicken Pot Pie 

My recipe is a family recipe passed down from my Great-Grandmother, to my Grandmother, to my Mother, to Me and down to my Son. 

Rolling out dough

Noodles cooking in rich chicken broth

 The pot shown above was my Grandmother's...passed down to my Mother and then onto me.  This pot has cooked its more than fair share of meals.
My Grandmother had 9 children.  She prepared and cooked meals daily with this pot. Having a large family did not leave leftovers.  My Mother also cooked mainly from this pot, although she only had 3 children and not 9 like my Grandmother her two sons ate like a family of 9.  And mother liked leftovers. 
I rarely use this pot to cook, but it is nice to have for when I want to prepare a meal that does require the extra space such as Pot Pie.  I like a lot of broth in my Pot Pie. And leftovers.  Pot Pie also freezes very well, which I usually end up doing. 

I used my Kitchen Aid Mixer to mix up the dough.  This was the first time I used the mixer for dough.  I was so pleased with the results and even more so not having to mix the dough with my hands.  I swear I could hear my Mother saying..."Kathleen, you don't use a mixer to mix up pot pie dough!"  O, yes..I would have gotten the "Kathleen"  :)   

This meal really hit the cold spot on this cold and windy night!
My son will be very grateful to have a hot meal ready to eat after his long day of work and classes.  He usually cooks up something for himself after classes, which sometimes can be way past 10 PM. When I mentioned I was making Chicken Pot Pie, he shared that would taste good after class :) It makes me feel good to know he still enjoys one of his mama's home cooked meals.  He has acquired a very different palette over the years cooking for himself, then the one he grew up on.  But, I did my job teaching him the basics and encouraging him to venture out on his own and owning it...! 

What is your favorite comfort food?

Stay warm and be careful if your using fireplaces and wood stoves for extra warmth.

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  1. Your pot pie sounds delicious. I have several pots and pan and a 2 iron skillets handed down from my grandmother and they are priceless. My favorite comfort food is homemade chicken and dumplings. No recipe just make them from years of watching my grandmother when I was growing up. Stay warm and enjoy your evening.

    1. Angela..if only our pots could talk! WOW, what fun stories they could share. I love having things from my Mother that have been past down from her Mother and Grandmother. I too learned to cook by watching my mother. She rarely followed recipes, her favorite words were "you'll know by the feel"...LOL and yes, I've learned to know by the "feel"

      Your chicken and dumplings is very similar to my chicken pot pie. Only difference is rolling the dough out. I've had southern chicken and dumplings, it's a very good dish!

      BTW.....the pot pie turned out great!



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