Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hi my friends...Just checking in
Last weekend was a very busy time meeting up with friends, celebrating a very dear friends birthday and getting things sorted and cleaned out...
I've been doing some revamping and reorganizing...
It's not my most favorite thing to do, but the time has been way over due.  I am for the most part very organized, but sometimes things have a way of getting piled up a bit.  I'm in the process of cleaning out cabinets and organizing my "stuff" into plastic containers for a more organized way of storing.  I have found it to be much easier to store groups of items in open and easy to reach plastic containers inside cabinets than to stock pile things on top of each other in hopes when you want a certain item, it's within reach or not towards the back or bottom of the cabinet.  Storing in containers allows you to pull the container out and search for what your looking for.  No more pulling on one item to have 10 other items fall on top of my journeys over the past few months to different stores had me looking for plastic containers in specific styles and sizes.  I have a nice collection so now the revamping starts....
Last Friday evening was a meet up to celebrate a birthday...
I baked one of my Chocolate Cakes and surprised the birthday Lady.
Here are a few pictures of Judy with her cake..
Judy was so excited she started to light her own candles

After we realized Judy was trying to light the side of the candle,
the lighter was taken from her...
Seeing Judy's look, I'm not so sure she liked that lighter being taken from her...LOL

A little bit excited


Notice the haze of smoke....Good thing I didn't put a candle on the cake for each year she was old..!

Good times, always!  

This week the temperatures will be in the high 20's.  Winter is making its presence for sure here in PA..Bundle up

If you follow my blog you know I am very proud of my hometown of Lititz, PA.  My hometown has been listed as one of 15  America's Coolest Small Towns.  If you get a chance, check out the site and vote..Lititz is currently in 2nd place.  You can vote once per day until February 15th.  Be sure to watch the video and also on my side bar I have a link giving the history of Lititz.

Have a Safe and Warm week, my friends..!


  1. Hi K,
    I'm so glad we finally got reconnected again. Once you loose your blog list it's difficult to get them all back.
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog!!

    I loooove's one of my/our favorite towns to fact I did two craft shows in LITITZ this past Aug. and Oct.

    What priceless photos of Judy - happy birthday!

    I wish I wasn't healing from surgery because I'm in much need of re-organizing.


    1. Me Too, Karen! So glad we didn't lose touch completely.

      Judy is a great friend and so much fun to be with..when we all get together it's never a dull moment. Judy and her cohorts have become a part of our family gatherings.

      If you haven't done so, go vote for our favorite town:) I added the link where you can vote at the bottom of the post. I published before that was added....Hope each day your feeling stronger and take it easy. Remember, try to do a little more than yesterday, but rest as you go.(you know the drill) Over doing it will only cause issues later. Loves Ya and Hugs, K

  2. Love the pics!Judy looks like she was having a great time.I hope to be able to visit your town someday.Hugs,Jen

    1. Hi Jennifer....thanks for stopping by and sending out a shout!! Judy always has a great time, as we all do when we get together:)

      If you find yourself in our little corner of the world, please let me know:) You will love all that Lititz has to offer.

      Have a great week....Hugs, K

  3. Hi K,,, Our temps are so much warmer here in Ga,,, so if you want to come and organize for me,,, I will share our warmer weather. It was in the 60's today and sunny. Last week we were in the high 70's. Even broke records. That cake looks yummy. I can see why Judy was beside herself. I am hoping we can vacation in PA. this year come Sept. Your town is on my list. Take care and have a great week

    1. Hey Angela..! You supply your sweet tea and I'll be more than happy to We'll take many breaks on that beautiful Southern Porch you have....!!!!

      You be sure to let me know if you do make the trip North! How exciting that would be..! You have a personal tour guide...I promise to not lead you astray...! Mr. P would love all the wood making done here:))

      Have a fantastic week....Loves and Hugs, K

  4. Kathy made a great cake and I think we all enjoyed it! Thanks for the birthday wishes and thanks Kathy for being such a great friend - you too, Bob! And Carrie and Sherry and Bob B and Rich and his friend (I forget her name). I had a great time!

    1. JUDY...!! WE LOVE YOU..!!!! We're blessed with great friendships from you ALL! Always a good time when we all get together. Who's birthday can we celebrate next month!?..LOL

      Have a fantastic week, loves ya and Big Hugs..K


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