Thursday, July 26, 2012

Welcome, Lucy Paige...

A dear friend welcomed her 4th child on Saturday, July 21...MY Birthday!
I was able to meet Miss Lucy on Wednesday, at 4 days old.  As soon as I heard the good news of her birth, I made arrangements with  my friend to meet Lucy and bring some goodies and a meal, especially since her husbands first day back to work was on Wednesday.  I have to say, my friend is such a pro at this baby thing...she doesn't get excited or overly react with three older children, with the next to youngest little princess only 18 months of age.  And dad is just as equally calm....they are great parents, whom you can tell love and enjoy their little blessings:)
I could sit and hold Lucy all day long.... 


  1. What a beautiful photo.
    Nothing in the world like new life.

    1. She is a Doll, Trace! Mom is bring her older children swimming to my home soon, I get to watch Princess Lucy:)) It's a win win for me!! Thanks for stopping by and have a great week-end..! K

  2. OH she is just beautiful , nothing like a cuddle from a soft sweet newborn baby, and i love her name :-)

    Blessings Heidi x

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Heidi:) Yes, I agree! Lucy Paige is beautiful....just like her mama!! Have a great week, Hugs...K


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