Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hello Friends....
It's been a few weeks since we chatted, it's been super busy in my small corner.  I hope all has been well for you and yours!  Here is a little of what I have been up to....
The 4th of July was celebrated with good friends, a cookout and pool time was the main event for the day.  I made a refreshing Trifle for dessert of fresh strawberries,  freshly whipped cream and homemade pound cake which Rocked! if I must say so myself :)   Later in the evening our neighbors set off their annual fireworks.  This year they really out did themselves..!  We had over an hour of "high" fireworks illuminating the night.  It was really spectacular....!  I must back up to the eve of the 4th and share the Birthday gift my son surprised me with....I was treated to Stevie Nicks in concert on the 3rd.  and tickets to another concert in August.  My son has grown up knowing his Mother loves her music and bands/groups from her era.  Funny thing is, when my son was very much into guitar and taking lessons and recording music, his mentor taught him from bands of my he has learned to appreciate "good" music.  Not this crappy stuff of today.  Alot of his music preferences are the same as mine, so when he hears of a favorite of mine on tour, the conversation is one we both can engage in with a little more of a few years between us, LLOL.  Stevie Nicks is not a favorite of his, but the venue in August is to which he also purchased a ticket for himself.  Going to concerts together is one of the best times we have being together and sharing the same like.  The Stevie Nicks concert was Phenomenal...!!  It was a great way to jump start the Holiday...
The weekend following the 4th was my Family Reunion in my hometown of Lititz in our beautiful park.   As always we had a fun time catching up with each other while we consumed all the great food prepared and shared.  I took over the planning and organizing the reunion 3 years ago, so after I finish with one event it's on to the next.  Also on the event schedule were cook outs and gathering invites from friends.  It has been a very busy and fun summer thus far.  This coming week,  I'll be preparing and baking for our Annual Clam Bake.  This is always a fun time with great friends and family.  And the fresh seafood and fixings of a clam bake is so worth the planning and hours of preparations that goes into it.  All this fun-playing during the summer months keeps me on my toes:)  and I'm loving every minute of it!!  Hopefully in August a trip to the beach will be planned, the beach is one of my favorite places.  So stay well, my friends and enjoy these long summer days!  

Until we chat again,  

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  1. Sounds like you have been one busy lady and are enjoying your summer! Good to hear from you!


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