Sunday, August 5, 2012

The eyes of all look to you, and you give them their food in due season. 
Psalm 145:15

As I was entering church this morning I was approached by Helen, who is Hosanna!'s Associate Pastor of Welcome Ministries asking if I would like some Vegetables to take home.   She went on to explain members of our congregation have a stand at the Philadelphia Market and after market is finished for the week on Saturday, whatever food is leftover usually is donated to the church.  Apparently there was an over abundance of donations this week of fresh home grown goodies....of course, I was running a bit late for service and Helen being her bubbly generous self, offered to put some veggies in my car for me.  (Isn't having automatic door locks on your key the best invention!!:)  I made no hesitation turning and hitting the unlock button while thanking Helen for asking me and her generosity..! 

This is what I found in my goodie bags...
1/2 doz of sweet corn  (I was asked if I wanted 2 doz...yikes)
basket of cherry tomatoes
2 eggplants

I fried both Egg Plants and made the corn along with a grilled steak for dinner. I now have plenty of Eggplant to nibble on for the week.  And I'm thinking I may make Eggplant Parmesan later in the week.

Many thanks and blessing to the family who donates their unsold goodies from market...!!  


  1. Nothing like fresh veggies and of course a grilled steak. So generous of Helen to share with you. Have a great week

  2. Angela, you know it!! I love love love fresh veggies:) I am so thankful for sweet generosity of our church...!! Hope your enjoying these hot dog days of summer:-) Hugs..K


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