Sunday, May 29, 2011


Surprise 75th Birthday

My Best Friend's Mother hit a Milestone this year,
She turned 75..

Kathy, (Best Friend) had been planning 
a surprise party for her mother for the past several months...
When Kath and I talked about the plans,
I asked at one point if I could make the cake...
Kath was more than appreciative of my offer.

Kathy's only request was a butterfly theme 
with both Vanilla and Chocolate flavors...

With those simple requests,
I knew immediately what was to be created...

The cupcakes were a big hit,
especially with the kids..
For me the compliment was having 
None left...even the extras I made for "just in case::)...

Below are a few pictures of the Special Lady
whom we celebrated..! 


Blowing out her "75"

This is Kaylana.....She took a bite and actually said

Kaylana is the daughter to Kathy's Nephew.
She is such a Sweet Little Lady 
who will be turning two in July...

The party was a huge success and everyone had
a great time celebrating...


  1. What a fun birthday surprise!
    Your cupcakes look darling and so yummy!


  2. Thanks Karen....! We had a blast, the kids loved the cupcakes with the chocolate on top. Have a great week and thanks for stopping by!


Thanks for the visit....! I encourage and look forward to your thoughts and comments. Many Blessings...K

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