Monday, September 13, 2010

Take me back in time......


Old Sturbridge Village In Massachusetts,
was one of my most favorite places to have visited..
Particularly this time of  year,
When the days are warmed with the sun and the air has a bit of cool crispness to it...
I love strolling along old cobble stone lined streets that once 
had the presence of children playing while the live stock were herded 
throughout the town, the clanging of the town blacksmith could be heard in the distance
while maybe a political debated or two had once been discussed at the town square...
Our visit to this quaint little piece of history was on one of the most spectacular
Fall Weekends during that year...
It was the first stop of several as we made our way north to 
Kennebunkport is a small East Coastal town,
The streets are lined with many novelty stores to which I remember having
a fun day of shopping and talking with the locals...
The Ocean was within our sights as we found our way walking around
the narrow sidewalks, feeling the cool ocean breeze on our face...
During our little stroll, we eventually found our way to
The Landing 
along the water front...

Our trip home the following day had one stop in Massachusetts,

Here we spent a entire afternoon at the Plantation 
stepping back in time with the 
Native Wampanoag Indians and Pilgrims of
the 17th century... 

I must share, this is where I had the most
delectable Whole Maine Lobster Meal..EVER!
I do not recall the name of the restaurant,
only remembering it was on the water front and very comfortable in
The lobster was sweeter than sweet with no butter needed or added...

So...If you find yourself traveling the East Coast,
I highly recommend taking the time and stepping back into history,
throughout the New England States.


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