Monday, September 6, 2010

It's Time To Say Good-Bye For The Summer....

Niece Shayna, Nephews Keegan and Seth at Hershey Park Chocolate World

I can not wrap my brain around the fact summer is coming to a close...
Although I LOVE Fall,
Summer is by far my most favorite season...!!

Shayna and Amy(BFF's Daughter) getting in some Ice Cream Time at the "Cone"  These two lovely young ladies are four days apart in age...
Keegan eating one of Aunt K's Cuppies
NYC...Brother Mike, SIL Trina, Keegan, Seth and Shayna

This summer was filled with many visitors to my home,
which meant my time away was very little...but I'm not complaining..!
Keegan getting in some swim fun at Aunt K's

Brother Mike and I
The summer started off with a visit from my Oldest Brother, Mike 
and his family from Texas.
The last visit for Mike home to PA was almost 12 years ago,
so it was time for him to make the trip..!
The time spent here went by very quickly,
Day trips around the area, NYC
Family gatherings and just hanging out made for a really good time for all....
Mike and I can talk for hours and hours....its probably a good thing we do not live too close to each other!
Waiting to board train for NYC

Me and Sue during her visit

Another visitor was my good friend, Sue from Florida.
Sue and I have been friends from way back during our Nursing years 
at the same hospital...
Sue's daughter, Danielle and my son Jere are the same age,
We became friends quickly after meeting while on duty and
sharing every day events about our children and life in general...

Much of the summer was also spent having friends over for summer time swims
and cook outs...

 The very last gathering was a surprise today from my dear friend, Paula
along with her son and daughter...
I haven't seen Paula for some time,
We do keep in touch, just not "in person"
those busy schedules just have a way of keeping people..busy

Ending the visit with more chocolate, the kids made their very own chocolate bar...

All in all, this summer turned out to be a very memorable one...
I am so very lucky and blessed to have good friends and family who want to 
share time with me and my family..!

 I hope your summer was a memorable one a very good way!

Happy Fall

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  1. Looks and sounds like you had a great summer. I have to say that I am looking forward to Fall. It has been way too hot here in the South.


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