Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How much is this??....."One Dollar"

A blog friend posted a few days ago her beautiful creation she made for $10.00,
A Fall Wreath made from items she purchased for $1.00 each at the Dollar Store....

I have the most awesome Dollar Tree in my area,
it's clean, organized and stocked like an old fashion 5 and Dime Store..!!

Evey time I stop in, I feel like a kid in a candy store..
and they really do have candy..
Came home with a package of Hershey's PB Cups...

Here is my $10.00 Fall Wreath Creation...

Basic wood wreath

I purchased Garland Fall leaves on a vine and removed the leaves from the vine

Hot glued the leaves evenly around the wreath

Added the pumpkin and two gourdes I purchased...Final Outcome
This project was easy in preparation and in the wallet..!


  1. Your Fall wreath is beautiful! Look how much money you saved!

  2. Thanks Marie..! Yes, the amount of leaves I used to fill this large wreath would have cost me a small fortune had I purchased from a craft store...same quality, only less money:))


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