Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Perfect "ONE"...

Yesterday was Pumpkin Pie time....

The weather here in PA has taken a sudden turn
into Fall...
We still had high Summer like temperatures which I can
honestly say, I was enjoying with each and every
extended day of the sunny warmth...

I am a big fan of Fall,
However, I am not a fan of what follows....

So, I got the itch and my mood changed just as
quickly as the temperatures did...

Friday evening I went on search for the "ONE"...
My Mother has instilled in me her corky
little tricks and "this is what you look for OR this is how you do it"

(This is the Lady who would travel on the plane
with her favorite 5 pound bag of flour to make "her" Pot Pie while visiting my brother and his family in Texas..!!)

With that said,
Mother always went on the hunt every Fall for that
perfect Neck Pumpkin..
The "Neck" of the Pumpkin had to be one
of much thickness, very straight(as much as possible)
and the largest and longest in the pile..

The Neck of the pumpkin is where you get the most
Pumpkin from. There are no seeds in the neck.

If you haven't noticed...
This year the Pumpkins are very plentiful and Huge!

I immediately found the "ONE"

It weighted in at 17.81 pounds..!
Mother would be so proud:))

At check out, the sweet and oh so young gentlemen
questioned what one does with such a pumpkin
other than have them for decorations.
I think all my other "baking" items among the
groceries tipped him off that this particular pumpkin
was not being purchased for "decorations"
Well....this youngin got quite the education on
Neck Pumpkins and their importance of use...!

Final product...

Pumpkin Pie

The Recipe I use every year is also credited to my
Mother and Grandmother...
Its a very simple and oh so good recipe..
The pie has very little spices in the ingredients.
I am not a fan of the Pumpkin Pie that is so
filled with spices, your not able to taste the Pumpkin..

Here is the "ONE"
It's so large, I did not have a baking sheet strong enough that
was also large enough for it to entirely fit.
However, we managed..

Barely fit in the oven:))

I now pre-bake my pumpkin rather than
cut into pieces and cook on the stove top like my
Mother. I have found baking the pumpkin keeps all
the natural juices intact and keeps the flavor of the pumpkin.
Cooking the pumpkin stove top leaves the pumpkin
tasteless and so much extra water content that requires the pumpkin
to be drained for hours before your able to use in a recipe.

After baking, let the pumpkin cool..
When your able to handle without burning your fingers,
peel the skin away, which by the way removes very easily.
You can also use the "ball" of the pumpkin,
in this area you will find the seeds.
Carefully scoop or scrape away the seeds, the pumpkin
in this area is good to use as well.
(You can save the seeds and bake them for a treat.)

Place your pumpkin in a glass container for further cooling.
You'll want to mash the pumpkin before measuring, so your amounts are needed are accurate according to your recipe and also for storage if your freezing some.

Pumpkin freezes very well.
You may have to drain frozen pumpkin in a colander
before using in your favorite recipe.
Freezing adds extra moisture in the pumpkin,
when baking or cooking with pumpkin you do not want that extra
moisture/liquid added to your recipe and have your master piece flop...

I was able to make 5 pies with this one batch of
pumpkin I used...

I froze about 20 cups of the remainder of pumpkin and refrigerated
some for cookies and bread to be made
in the up coming week...
All of which freeze very well after baked.

Fresh pumpkin after cooked/baked before used in a recipe
can be stored in an air tight container and refrigerated
up to three days.

I think I'll go have me some pie:/

Have a fantastic week....!

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  1. good Morning K!

    Either I've missed seeing you around or you haven't been around much and this was so nice seeing your post pop up!

    Now...that's one huge pumpkin and I'm totally blown away at what it looks like. I thought pumpkins for pie looked the same as a regular pumpkin.

    Thanks for such an interesting post.



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