Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.....

I just had to share this card I received from my
Dear and Bestest Friend, Kathy....

We both are card givers and in my mail yesterday
I received this singing card playing the old familiar tune of
Cyndi Lauper's,
"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"

I played the tune over and over yesterday so much so,
my hubs made comments he wanted to
hear "that" song when "that" song was not playing....
After a while, I had him singing the tune...!!!

You may be familiar with my friendship with Kathy..
I have shared many good times with Kathy and her family.
Many think we sisters...
We most definitely are sisters at heart..!
Our friendship goes back many years
and continues to grow with more admiration,
respect and silliness as we grow into this
adult stage of our lives....

Yes, many days I ask myself..
How did this happen..?
I'm now at the age my Mother was once at
when I considered her

This roller coaster ride of adulthood has been so sweetened
by the wonderful person I am so proud to call my friend..!!

Thanks for your many years of friendship,

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  1. What a sweet friend. It's so nice to have someone you can share things with. How lucky you are!



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