Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Tradition Lives On...

Today I received the anticipated call my order for Homemade Marshmellow Easter Eggs were ready for Pick Up..!!

Regennas's Easter Eggs have been a Family Tradition since my Mother was little girl..

Notice there is an empty space...!!??

The Regennas Family started the family business over 150 years ago, working from an old wooden garage in Lititz, PA. The business has now moved to my area, very close to my home...Yeah for ME!!

I am not a big lover of the Clear Toy Candy, but I do love me some Dark Chocolate Marshmellow Eggs..!!

Have A Happy Easter


  1. Well young lady...I'd march right back there and demand your money back...pffft Can't believe they'd short you a Marshmallow Easter Egg!(((giggling)))

  2. Good Morning K!
    Ok, now you got me wanting some of those eggs....I just might have to take me a ride up to your area to visit you and to get some 'sweets'....
    I've never been big on 'Rock Sugar Candy' in any form...

  3. YAY....the The Regennas candy is right across the street from my parent's house!


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