Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Mother's Love

There is truly no greater Love than
A Mother's Love...

This Mother is sitting on her nest of babies on one of the most windy and blustery days thus far this year here in PA..!!

I happened to glance out my Picture Window in the Middle room of my home and found Mother sitting so still and quiet...

You can see how her fur is being blown around from the wicket wind....

We usually have at least one nest every spring in the front yard, it makes for hazard mowing, but we so enjoy seeing the little ones after they are born leaving the nest for short periods, running around as they are exploring their new world and afraid of everything and all things in their path....!!

As my son is getting ready to turn 21 this month, its a wonderful reminder of
A Mother's Love


  1. Great pictures of the mother bunny! The wind sure is wicked today. Momma must really have to hunker down to protect the babies.

    Thanks for sharing! :-)

  2. K this is just a wonderful nature picture...we have one living in our garden - not sure if there will be babies like you will have but time will tell.

  3. What a beautiful testament to mother's love. I love your blog!!


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