Thursday, April 2, 2009

A New Beginning Unfolds

The Harsh Month of March makes you wonder if those
Spring Flowers will bloom, come April....??!!

It always amazes me how the turn of the month from
March to April
brings new birth to the soil..!

Spring truly is one of the most magnificent times of the year!

April Showers Do Bring Spring Flowers...


  1. Your flowers are so pretty! We haven't had any flowers bloom here yet. The snow is finally starting to melt off, but I heard that another snowstorm is coming in tomorrow night. *sigh*

    Maybe by the end of April we will have Spring!


  2. I can't wait!!!!! Snow, rain, more snow and now a ton of rain!

    I love the pictures of the flowers you have here.

  3. I took advantage of a warm sunny day, yesterday. Grabbed the camera and took some shots of my beautiful flowers. The daffodils were part of a planter I received when my mother passed 12 years ago. I planted them within view from my kitchen window and look forward to blooming every spring! Snow in April...Yuck!!! LOL

  4. Gorgeous flowers. We are getting lots of those rain showers that bring May flowers!!

  5. Are these your flowers for this year already??? I know you have an earlier season than we do here - they are just gorgeous.


  6. Karen: Yes, these are my very own flowers! They are so beautiful this year...


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