Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Beauty Of Easter

About two weeks ago early evening, I heard hammering, sawing and then vacuum noises coming from my basement.
At the time I was chatting with my good friend, Laurie. I remember making a comment to Laurie about the noises and the smell of saw dust coming from down below me in the "man cave" as Laurie refers to the basement....

Later that evening my husband emerged from below carrying this beautiful handmade planter...

My first thoughts were to paint and prim it up a bit, then after giving it more though I have decided to leave it as it is and let the outside elements have their way with it..!

I filled the planter today with some flowering plants I picked up on Friday at a local green house. I was also lucky to find a liner to fit inside. My husband with his handy craftsmanship had to trim the sides a bit for a perfect fit...

I have the planter stationed close to the outside windows of my French Doors, which are located in my Kitchen that lead to and from my deck. I love the added touch the flowers and planter bring to the view looking out through the glass doors from the kitchen.

Don't ya just love beautiful flowers..!!!


  1. How nice to be surprised with a great planter and the flowers in it are beautiful!

  2. What a wonderful surprise - he did a great job. I love the pic - what a lovely view for you form the kitchen


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