Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Can't Stop Now.........

Hello Friends...! I know it's been a few weeks since I stopped by.  Life has been whizzing by so quickly with Events and getting ready for the Winter Months.  UGH...
You all know how much I dislike the Cold and Ice.  Love the beauty of the Snow, just not all that comes with it. 

A few things I've been up to.....Last Monday on Veterans Day, my cousins had an Auction for their parents home and all personal belongings.  That my friends, was a very difficult day!  My cousins, (brother and sister) have been planning for this sale for quite a while, knowing that it was inevitable and needed to be done.  My Aunt was my Father's Sister whom we All were close.  She passed several years ago and since then it's been a large void in our family.  My Uncle has moved to a Retirement Village where he is very comfortable and safe.  My cousin had asked me to be at the Sale for support, to which I had no reserves about attending.  We arrived about an hour before the sale and it really took me for a blow seeing all their family belongs scattered through out the lawn in the rear, side and front of the property.  The sale started promptly with household items, with the Property Auctioned at 12 noon.  There were 48 Couples at the first Open House, that did not include Singles.  The second Open House brought 23 Couples and a few Singles.  Plus a few private showings.  So we knew the Property was going to sell that day and more than a few wanted it.  The location of the Property is in my hometown of Lititz, PA (Coolest Small Town In America) and in a very upscale neighborhood.  Another plus, a nice corner lot....
The property did in deed sale that day..!  The highest bidder was a young female teacher.  She has been teaching in the Lancaster area for a few years with a lengthy commute.  My cousin was very please to hear this young teacher was the new owner, hence her daughter is about the same age and also a teacher to which my Aunt and Uncle were so proud.  
I was able to purchase their coffee table I really really wanted and hubs purchased my uncles 'like new' generator.  I also bartered with someone at the sale who purchased a box of many items.  He really only wanted one item in the box, leaving some Mason Jars I had my eye on.  I was able to get him down to 6.00 for 6 jars.  Two of the jars are the collector blue jars, one being worth about 25.00.  I'm going to clean them up, fill them with some sort of food and gift them for Christmas.  
After the sale, my cousins, hubs and I went to dinner to relax and reminisce our time spent at their parents home. It was a very bittersweet day...!  

This past weekend we attended a surprise Birthday Party.  The birthday boy was very surprised...it was great meeting some new folks and bumping into a childhood friend/neighbor I haven't seen in many many years!  Such a small world....

This week we're having a Seafood dinner for a family member who is having a birthday soon and then it's getting ready for the big T-Day...! 

I hope your doing well and have a nice Thanksgiving Day....!  

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