Monday, October 7, 2013

The Calendar Reads October...?!

We have been having very unseasonal warm days here in PA,  just as much of the Country is also experiencing.  Absolutely no complaints from me!  I could live in this warm climate every day, all year long...

Saturday was a very special day for us.  My Son's very good friends were Married.  The Bride and my Son have been very close friends for many years with a strong bond between them.  
A few weeks ago, the Bride asked me if I would make Caramel Apples for each guest to be giving at the Reception as Favors.  I was honored to be asked and started organizing immediately what I needed in supplies according to what the Bride had in mind as flavor and design.

Here are some pictures of the final creations.
I will post more detailed instructions and wedding pictures later in the week.

Caramel with Dark Wilbur Chocolate and Peanuts

 Caramel with White Tinted Chocolate and Semi Sweet Chips

My weeks have been busy and productive...this week is no exception.
I will try and post more later this week.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week..!




  1. Those look absolutely amazing K. They had to taste delicious. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your busy week.

    1. I actually did not taste any, Angela....but from what those who have, said they were good. And, that's a good Looking forward to a slow down next week and enjoy this beautiful October. Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by....Hugs K


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