Monday, September 2, 2013

It's official....I catered my first gig of cupcakes and a specially made cake..!
My best friend's husband retired as Chief Of Police after 32 years of being on the Force.  The Mayor wanted a surprise party given in the Chief's honor.  I was asked to bake the cake for display and cupcakes as the dessert for the party.  Fortunately, I was asked several months ago, as it gave me plenty of time to prepare and brain storm with Kathy, (BFF) what her wishes were in flavors and design of the cake. 

It also gave me a reason to create some Cupcake Stands I had been creating in my brain for quite some time.  Hubs started to make stand tops from nice clean wood he has from a lumber yard.  But, a few weeks ago as we were driving past a local Custom Kitchen Business we saw two piles of counter top cut-outs with a "FREE" sign on them.  Hubs immediately made a U-Turn and went back to check out the Free Stuff!  We hit the Mother Load...!!  In the pile were two round cut outs from double sinks, several different square pieces in different sizes and one with an edge on the one end which I knew would work great to slightly elevate the Cake I was making for Display.....
 I was so excited...!  Hubs picked out several pieces and loaded them in the car and off we went...I was happy as a Lark!! OMG!

The next day I went on line to the Dollar Tree site and found 4'' Candle Sticks.  I Ordered a case of 12.  My son picked up some Epoxy Glue (best glue...ever!) for me when he went to the Local Hardware Store for work supplies.
 I explained to Hubs what I had in mind as to what I wanted each stand to look like in height and design and he went to work.....

I picked up some plastic like ribbon at the craft store and decorative pins for around the outside edge.  After Hubs had the stands to my liking, I attached the ribbon around the outside of each stand with the pins. I was elated...!! 

The next thing was to gather all my ingredients for the baking and get organized as to which batter I was making first and the decorating.  I made a Chocolate Cake for Display along with Chocolate and Vanilla Cupcakes.  Decorating was the most time consuming.  Kathy wanted Peanut Butter Icing on the Cake, hence my chocolate PB cake is the Retiring Chief's Favorite..!  So I knew I had to make the PB first or last due to the Nut Allergy of some people.  I chose to make the PB last and use the leftovers to decorated some cupcakes.  (I honestly do not know who all these people are that have an allergy to PB, the PB cupcakes were the first gone at the party :) )
All in all, the baking and decorating went very well since I had to make 80 cupcakes and the cake. 
I meet Kathy the day of the party at the place of Venue to set up the desserts and decorate. After the set up, Hubs and I then rushed off to Party # former SIL's Wedding Reception.  Our Son of course was invited to the Parties but his schedule only allowed him to attend the Retirement Party.  So he went on a head to be at the party and capture pictures of the man being honored when first arrived.  I'm told he was totally surprised....he thought he was attending a Surprise 25th Anniversary Party for me and Hubs.  What he didn't know was our anniversary is in October and it will be 26 years.

When Hubs and I arrived, the place was still very full of people and I was told at one point it was "Packed" was great seeing some acquaintances I haven't seen for a while.  After the party, we cleaned up our supplies and then headed over to the bar for some more celebrating with a few friends.  O and the interesting stories that were told from fellow colleagues, (A Chief Of Police and Officers).  

The day/evening was very memorable, sharing the new beginning with a Bride and Groom and helping to celebrate the final chapter with a retiring Chief Of Police.

Now for the pictures...!  First I'll show you the pictures I was able to get at the reception.  Please forgive the poor clarity.  My Son took my "good" Cannon to the Retirement Party, I was left with my Pocket Digital.  

The Bride LOVES to dance..!

Feeding of the cake...they were way too nice!!!
 The man with the BIG Head was looking at me in every picture I took in that direction, I tried to crop him out but his head is just too darn BIG...ugh
Bride and Mother Of The Bride

Bride giving Mother a Icing Kiss...

Hubs and Me with Bride and Groom

 Now for some pictures of the Retirement Party...First a few Pictures of my goodies before I delivered them.

Vanilla with Vanilla Bean Icing

Vanilla with Chocolate Fudge Icing

Chocolate with Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Fudge Icing

Chocolate with PB and Chocolate Fudge Icing

Dessert Table

Display Cake I designed...
 As you can see, someone touched the cake..

Design I made for the top of Cake

Dessert Table


Receiving Accommodation from Councilman Craig Lutz

Retired Chief and Mrs.   

What a beautiful couple!

Both parties were fun and successful..!
Whew...I'm pooped :)


  1. Good morning K,
    What a beautiful morning it is here in southeastern Wisconsin...hope it's as nice there in the state I love!
    What an honor to be asked to do this - congratulations. Your creations are just delicious looking and I can see why they went fast.
    Nice wedding pictures.

  2. Good Day, Karen!
    The temperatures here in your State of Love is HOT!!
    It really was an honor to have been asked to bake up my goodies! Everyone seemed to enjoy them and have a fun time at the party. It was very emotional for most.

    The Wedding was very nice too. Seeing the continuous smile on the my sil) Bride was very heart warming. She deserves to be happy.

    Hope your doing well and feeling stronger with each new day...


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