Friday, August 30, 2013

Sigh.....I can not  wrap my brain around the fact Summer is coming to a close.... :(
I had a very eventful Summer spending time with Friends and Family that I just want this warm weather to go on forever...!

We have some Fun activities and Events scheduled for the Fall.  So, We'll try and get the most in before the Winter sets in. 

This last official Summer Weekend will be spent attending my Former Sister In Law's Wedding Reception. We have maintained a friendship since her and my brother divorced.  I was honored when we received an invitation to her Reception.  The rest of the Weekend will be relaxing by the pool and cooking as little as I can get away with :)

Whatever your plans this weekend,
Make the Most of It and Have a fun and safe Holiday Weekend......

Lovs n Hugs,



  1. As much as most of us love fall, I think it is sad seeing summer come to an end. Jumping out of bed, throwing on a pair of short and a T shirt, no shoes, fresh veggies, the list goes on. We will enjoy glorious fall and cozy winter too. It is the way we are. I have maintained a relationship with my former daughter in law. I said they divorced, we didn't. Enjoy

    1. Hi BettyJ! Your so right about the relaxed attire of Summer! I must confess, I do the same into the Fall! I dress very casual and comfortable when I'm hanging out at home, changing into more suitable clothes only when I leave the house :) Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, next to Summer. It's what follows after Fall I dislike!
      The Wedding Reception was very nice. Seeing my Former SIL very happy really did make me smile! She deserves to be happy...
      Thanks for stopping by...
      Have a great week..!
      Hugs n Lovs

  2. Hi K,
    Well I'm not a summer person although we had lots going on this summer.
    Fall...please bring on Fall.
    I think it's wonderful to have a friendship with your x-sil - we do with our x-brother in-law and it's nice.

    1. Hey Karen!
      Hopefully our Fall will be nice and Seasonal as you recover. I bet sitting and relaxing in your beautiful sun room is heaven during the Fall Days sipping on a hot cup of Cocoa!!
      I am very thankful and blessed I've retained a great relationship with my (ex) SIL. I think the key was not getting involved in the break up and a good listener.
      It makes things a lot easier especially when grown children and grandchildren are involved. Trying to set the example of respect and getting along.
      Thanks for stopping by and have a restful and great week!
      Loves and Hugs, Dear Friend..!


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