Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Spectacular Fall Day In Pennsylvania

Today started with three appointments on the agenda with the last scheduled mid-afternoon.
The first appointment concluded timely, so I called my family practitioner's office where I was scheduled for a flu injection in the afternoon, asking if they had availability within the hour for the injection, to which my practitioner's nurse said to come right in.  I recently transferred to a new family practitioner within my hometown, and I can't say enough good things about the staff and providers...!  So, after my flu injection was completed, I ventured to my third scheduled appointment to which I was too a bit early, I was completely finished by 11:30am with what I thought was going to be a dragged out day of one appointment to the next....!  I was one Happy Gal knowing my day had just become a little less stressful and had the afternoon free!  My tummy was telling me it was lunch time, so I headed over to a favorite sandwich shop, ordered a sandwich to go and made a bee-line to the park.  The above picture is the one view I had from the picnic table I sat at to eat my lunch.  My hometown park is one of the most beautiful parks!  There were so many  people out and about in the park enjoying these last days of  warm Indian Summer temperatures.  After lunch I headed back towards home with a quick stop at my Salon.  One of our clients recently returned from a trip back home to Switzerland.  When I entered the Salon, she was there for the first after her trip.  I was so happy to see her, (you miss your clients after you haven't seen them for a while) and It was quickly shared with me a gift was in the refrigerator brought back from Switzerland...of course I got bugged eyed with delight knowing Switzerland is known for its rich chocolate...and I was right...!  Our client had brought back a box of REAL Belgian Chocolate for me and my manager..))  I couldn't wait to get home and break open that box of chocolates...the print on the box was written in French, which may be a good thing not knowing the ingredients and personal review of this box of Belgian Chocolates, Damn Good!  I tasted all four flavors in the box....and could have eaten more, but my discipline took control...this time.
Here are a few pictures of the "Gold" Chocolate... 

 If all goes as planned, I'll have at least four more days of this luscious chocolate.
Thanks for stopping by and have a fun and safe Halloween

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