Monday, March 5, 2012

Today I came home to find cream cheese and a jar of peanut butter
 on the kitchen block...
My heart actually did a little pitter patter when I saw the ingredients.

What was my son planning to make..!?
The only ingredient missing from the line up was chocolate:/
Dare I Ask..?!

After all, it was Spring Break!  Which allows more time for some yummmness..

Well Blogger Friends...

I was just treated to
 a warm Chocolate Brownie with PB and Cream Cheese Icing

Dare I say more...!?

OK....It Was Delicious.!

Have a great week, my friends



  1. Wow K, Sounds like a chef in the making. Wonder who he got his skills from?(ha) Those brownies sound wonderful. Can't go wrong with cream cheese icing. You are blessed my friend

    1. Angela...I must admit, he is a very good cook and baker:) I will take the credit for that..ha
      Jere cooks more than I do some weeks. It's so rewarding to see your Son being able to take care of himself while working a full time job and attending college with a double major.. I hear stories from other mothers, their Adult children wait for them to cook a meal...Yikes, I guess mine knows better to assume "that"..:)) Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic week! K

  2. Oh wow...I am jealous. Peanut butter, cream cheese and chocolate...all of my favorite things! You're a blessed mom!

    1. Holly, My favorite ingredients, Too!! Yes, I am a very Blessed Mom, in so many ways..!! Have a great week with your little Angel! Hugs, K

  3. Nice post. You might like to look at how I do cheese snacks.

    1. Carole, thanks for stopping by. Your crackers with caviar look very delicious..! Nice Color on the plate..! Have a great Wednesday:)


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