Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hello Friends....!!  What a beautiful Month March turned out to be..!  I am constantly having to remind myself it is only March.  My Tulips and Daffodils have bloomed and look spectacular!  A large patch of them were given to me in a huge planter from friends when my Mother passed 15 years ago.  I planted them in an area that when they bloom, I can see their beauty from my kitchen window.  It's so unbelievably hard to think it has been 15 years for my Mother, time passes way too quickly...But I have my little patch of bright beautiful flowers to remind me of my Parents Love.   A few days ago, my brother (who lives in TX) and I had about a two hour phone conversation leaving no area or topic uncovered....!!  I can't ever imagine not having him to converse and bounce back and forth our lives past and present....!  A few months back, a couple became clients at the Salon.  I finally had a chance to chat with them a few weeks ago, only to discover they had graduated with my brother.  We shared much about acquaintances during the conversation and my brother was beyond thrilled when I shared the conversation we had after realizing the connection.  June will be two years since I saw my brother and his family, as his 10 year old son frequently reminds me in his letters he writes to me.  If all goes well, a trip is planned for later this year. 

This weekend was a more seasonal one as far as temperatures for Saturday and today.  Friday was a very warm day with temperatures over 80.  After an early dinner on Friday with my BFF, dessert and coffee were enjoyed sitting outside while we chatted away enjoying the evening.  Today the sun finally showed later in the afternoon, to which I was then treated to some Ice Cream...!!  

Tomorrow will be the start of a busy week.  I will be starting my swimming sessions tomorrow at an indoor heated pool through the YMCA.  The "Y" has a contract with this outstanding facility for indoor swimming.  The facility had been recently renovated, so during that time I tried other facilities which have indoor heated pools and I was not impressed.  The temperatures of the pools were just not warm enough for me.  I need warm water, any indoor pool that gives me chills during my swim time is not a winner in my book....  So, I am very excited to get back to where I feel warmth and comfort.....until my own pool is open for the summer season, it's indoors for me..!!

Have a safe and fantastic week, my friends..!  Getting the out door furniture set up this week and firing up the grill..!  The season has begun:))



  1. Glad you have a brother you can talk to. Too bad he lives far away. I am sure you will be looking forward to a trip out to see him and his family. Sounds like you have a busy week ahead of you. If I remember correctly you were one busy lady last spring and summer. But sure sounded like fun. Enjoy everyday as if it were your last. Hope your week is a good one.

    1. Good Day, Angela! I love this time of year..! So glad the winter wasn't a bad and nasty one. Spring and Summer is always busy with birthdays and fun in the sun:) Have a great week, Hugs

  2. Sounds like a fun week ahead! The weather is nice here too! I love it!

    1. Hey Holly....The sun is brightly shinning today, a little bit of those March winds, but that's OK! Have a great week with Darbee Rae..! Hugs, K


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