Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Warmth Calms The Soul....

Betty Crocker comes to the rescue
once again...!

This link will take you to a bunch of awesome
recipes that were most requested
 and quick and easy...

The recipes can be printed and added to your recipe 

Since winter has been very brutal here in PA
with very cold temperatures since before Christmas,
Nothing warms the soul better than homemade soup..

I have prepared one pot of homemade soup after another
to feast on while we ride this winter to 
the very end...

Last week was Ham and Bean Soup
This week is Chicken Vegetable Soup...

Spring can not come soon enough for me,
however I do love all the
homemade soups I grew up on...

Thanks, mom for giving me such great memories
and good eats I can share with my family..!!

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