Thursday, October 29, 2009

Making Every Minute Count....

While sitting and waiting this morning at an appointment
I did as most do and picked up the Magazine that
catches your most interest.

Of course for me, that would be a cooking/craft magazine.

After a very few short minutes of paging through,
I found this recipe for a...

~~Chocolate Fudge Pie~~

I know I must give a try...

I thought the easiest way to copy the recipe for my
collection of many, was to take pictures using my
cell phone and sending them to my email...

A very dear friend from High School works
where my appointment just happened to be,
when she discovered what I was doing,
She all but busted a stitch,
but wasn't surprised in the least..:/

1 comment:

  1. Too funny..but what a smart idea! I got to try that..I have a thing about recipes..the thing is I have way too many but still have the need to add to my collection..I like your idea of taking pictures..LOL.


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