Monday, November 9, 2009

1999 it was NOT....

I am currently on the hunt for a new coffee table...
In my travels and search I forced myself into a
Antique Barn...And I do mean..

I have not been one to walk around for hours looking at
someone's "old junk" that
others will claim as their new found

It's just something that does not appeal to me..
I do understand you can find some great finds?
However, I am usually not that
"Lucky" person;)

I did find a stand with NEW Prim Stuff...
Now your talking my language...!!
I found some awesome handmade items for Christmas Gifts
and a Birthday Gift for a good friend.

So the walk around this huge Antique Barn was not a total
loss for me....

As I did MY quick meandering around I suddenly
was taken back a bit as I realized I could relate to
almost everything in this building..!! I getting THAT OLD..??!!

I was very impressed with the very Retro Tables on display..
WOW...Now your talking my childhood!!

I think..YES! I know each of the tables shown was a part of
my childhood, either at a relatives or a friend's home...

As I recall, my parents had the White table with those little black
speckles all over the table top and chairs....
Explains why I love the White/Black coordination.

This table set is one that was very popular in the 50 and 60's...
I remember this pattern as being a favorite by many.

This table set was one you could find in many
restaurants back in the day and are still used in some older
Diners today...
The expandable sides make it very convenient and versatile
for adding room when additional seating is needed..

This awesome table set would look fabulous
in a cottage...
Don't you just love that color..!!?

I can now say I visited the Antique Barn
and actually purchased a few things...

Have a great week!


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