Thursday, December 5, 2013

Making Sweets With A Sweet Boy

The Saturday after Thanksgiving has become an annual cookie baking day with my Bestie and very good friend from way back in elementary school.  We each prepare a double batch of cookie dough of whichever cookie recipe we wish to bake and bring the dough(s) along with containers to my home for a full day of baking, eating, drinking and many many laughs....
Fortunately I have a very workable kitchen for cooking and baking with my "make to order" oak kitchen table having 10 boards.  I think we used 4 this year... :)

Our Holiday Cookie Menu:

PB Blossoms
Chocolate Chip-Plain and with Nuts
Old Fashion Raisin Cookies
Decorated Sugar Cookies 

We get better with organization with each much fun! 
I make a large pot of Chili to munch on throughout the day so we have something other than sweet cookies in our bellies.  The Chili helps to balance it out a bit...;)

Later in the day we had a very special little visitor who decorated his own Sugar Cookies. Son's little buddy who is 14 months and very bright and active.  I forgot how much energy these little guys have at that age, but we so enjoy him and love when he comes for visits.

Here are a few pictures of the Holiday Baking...I hope you enjoy!

As you can see by the photos, we all had a fun time...
Especially Sam!
He decorated and then tasted a little and then a little more.

Sam's hair style is due to him being cleaned up quickly by Mommy after he ate his supper before decorating and taste testing...
Uncle Jere had Sam trying every different spoon in the drawer to eat his Ravioli with , from his own toddler spoons to full size spoons. 
Needless to say, Uncle Jere was having just as much fun as Sam trying to decide which utensil worked the best.  

We finished up around 5 o'clock with the last of the baking. 
Then we ate some more chili, drank some wine and relaxed a bit.

What are your favorite holiday cookies and do you bake each year?

Thanks for stopping by and remember to slow down and enjoy this crazy time of year..!



  1. Evening K...sorry I haven't been here for awhile. Been quite busy around here.
    I looooove baking parties. I always did this with my sister. She would come stay with me for a couple days and we had a great set up and baked our brains Plus lots of fun. We always called ourselves THE TWISTED
    Pecan balls are one of my favorite Christmas cookies along with frosted cut-outs of course.

    1. No Apologizes Necessary!'s crazy this time of year! I think every year more crazies come It would be fun to commit to a entire weekend of baking, if only our schedules would allow that. This last week is always crunch week for me...getting those last minute goodie containers together and delivered!
      You, too have A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS AND HOLIDAY SEASON! Much Love...and Hugs!


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