Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tradition Continues....

My Family Reunion

Lititz Springs Park,
Lititz, PA

As long as I can remember,

My Mother's side of the family has been
having family reunions in this
beautiful park..

As a small child I remember the picnic being in the open far end of the park,
the men of the family would carry picnic tables
to the area we claimed,
lining the tables in a row
creating one long table...

We now reserve and rent a Pavilion
to ensure we have availability, electric and
for those times the weather is not cooperating...

This year the attendance was a bit small compared to the size of our family
and how much it has grown.

My grandparents had 9 children,
with that said...
Our family is very large..

The picture is one of me with a "Few" of my cousins...

After this year's gathering,
My Aunt who took over the role
as the organizer of the annual event,
(after my Mother passed)
is retiring.
I have volunteered to take on the task my Mother and Aunt
have done to perfection for so many years..

I was so hoping my Aunt would pass on her whistle to me...!!!

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