Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another Year Wiser...

WOW........What a birthday it was this year..!!!

My celebration started on the Thursday before my Tuesday Birthday...

Thursday I went out to dinner with my Best Friend Kathy,
Kathy's Birthday is the day after mine.
We always get together and exchange gifts and then out to
dinner for some alone "Girl" time...

Kathy gave me this awesome wood plaque,
depicting a screen door you find in many homes
at the back door here in Pennsylvania..
She also gave me two ornaments to hang
on the two pegs at the bottom of the plaque...

The entire Plaque is shown in my header

Below I am with some very good friends whom I have know for a very long time.
Linda, Judi(newest friend) Me and Laurie

We met up Friday night for some more celebrating at one favorite place in my hometown...

Sunday my husband and I left for the much needed vacation to
the beach in Ocean City, MD....

There we met up with Kathy and her family on Tuesday (my birthday),
for dinner at our favorite spot in OC...
Sneaky Pete's

Below is Kathy and her husband, Scott,
Me and my husband, Bob...

After dinner the four of us went down the bay a bit
to another favorite play ground,
Seacrets...on the bay

I am so grateful and blessed with the friends I have in my life...
Each one is unique and different...
And I love each and every one..!!


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday Kathleen! I am glad you had such a wonderful day with your friends and loved ones! You are such a sweetheart!


  2. Happpy belated birthday K - looks like it was a fun one and aren't these kinds of vacations/celebrations so wonderful and memorable.



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