Friday, November 30, 2012

Holiday Fun Baking With My Besties

ONE of my favorite holiday activities is baking holiday cookies....
This was an annual tradition with my Mother, just as it is with many others this time of year.  After my mother passed and my son became past that age of wanting to help with the annual baking (it has been so long since he helped I can't remember when he stopped:(..)  I have scaled back only baking a small amount for gift giving and to have a few on hand during the season. Some years I purchased a large tray of homemade cookies from a family member who bakes a large assortment.  In recent years my best friend and I have joined together to bake.  We each pick two of our favorite cookies for that year,  pick a date and meet up at my home for a fun day of baking.  We each mix up a double batch of each recipe before the baking date, so the day of we're all ready to bake.  After all the cookies have been baked, we divide them up between us. 

This year we'll be baking two kinds of chocolate chip, sand tarts, pecan tassies and peanut butter blossoms.  
I made a big pot of chili to snack on while we bake and I have three bottles of wine on hand:))

This year another good friend will be joining us....
By the end of the day we'll be on a sugar high from all the sampling and wine, and puckered out from all the silliness and laughing.  It's a good thing we all know our way around the kitchen and know how to bake, I would be a bit scared of the baking outcome..:0)

If I remember to take pictures, I will post some of our labor of love for Christmas Cookies...

Have a fun and safe weekend!

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  1. Hi K. Sounds like you and your friends are in store for a fun day of baking and the cookies you are making sound great. It's always more fun to bake with a friend. Enjoy your day and the chili and wine!!


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