Friday, September 28, 2012

 Here is a sneak peek of the cakes I made for my very dear friend's wedding this weekend..
They both are very big Steeler's Fans and the one must have for the cake was an emblem of the Steeler's be placed on the cake.  The other must have requests, Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Icing!

Their requests and 'must have's' were granted:)

The cakes are both my signature chocolate cake recipe with PB icing and decorating.
I tried to make the colors close to the colors on the Emblem and keeping with a nice Fall Color....

The small cake will be placed in the freezer for their first anniversary and the larger one will be taken to the restaurant they're having a small dinner after their nuptials...

I'm so happy for my friend, Linda and her soon to be husband, Tom!

And honored they asked me to make their cakes and be apart of their special day:))


  1. Great job! Those look great and very delicious!

    1. Thanks, Holly! Have a great weekend:))

  2. Girlie, your wedding cakes that you made for Linda and her soon to be husband Tom, are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!
    I wish I knew you 23 years ago when Ken and I married, I would have you make our wedding cake.
    Hugs and Love
    Tricia XO

    1. Hey you, Girlie! Thanks..!! Your anniversary gives me an excuse to come north:) Have a wonderful soon! Hugs, K


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